Voting Ends Saturday, Oct. 15 2011.

Vote for public art today!

Help put New Haven on the map of Top 100 Public Spaces.

Voting for Temple Plaza and Varini's Square with four circles on Top 100 Public Spaces is easy, and only takes about 5 minutes.  First, go to the website:

1.  Register With Facebook or Email.
Signing in or registering is easy.  You can login via Facebook or through your email, and it only takes a few seconds.  The login button is on the top right.

2.  Use Your 10 Voting Chips.
As soon as you register, you're automatically given 10 "Voting Chips" that can be applied to any public space on the site.   Find "Temple Plaza" and the Varini Artwork, and then select "Manage Chips."

Here is an example using "High Line Park" in NYC:

Once you have selected "Manage Chips" it will enter you into this screen: 

You can select whether you would like to manage all of your chips, or just some.  

It would be great if you could give our artwork all of your chips, but that's your decision as there are many great public spaces already listed.  It's a powerful way of giving New Haven some recognition for its originality, since this is a national list.

Currently, the site "Top 100 Public Spaces" is only just beginning, and with your help, it might be possible to move our city to the top of the list.

We will let you know how things turn out.  Thanks for your help!
Ian, SiteProjects Volunteer

Vote Here: